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FAQ - frequently asked questions

Here are some tips that help you with shopping.
In any case please don't hesitate to contact us.

Did I find correct products for my vehicle?

Don't worry, we check every order according to VIN number of the vehicle before ordering to be sure. We will confirm or correct your order first. We want to avoid bad orders which only causes problems.

What is X40, P80, P1 P2 P3, SPA?

This is chassis platform on which is vehicle build on.
We also used generation marking in our catalog, for example V70 (P80), V70 II (P2), V70 III (P3).

platform X40:
Volvo S40 (1996-2004)
Volvo V40 (1996-2004)

platform P80:
Volvo C70 (1998-2005)
Volvo S70 (1997-2000)
Volvo V70 (1997-2000)
Volvo V70 XC (1998-2000)

platform P1:
Volvo C30 (2007-2013)
Volvo C70 (2006-2013) / C70 II
Volvo S40 (2004-2012) / S40 II
Volvo V40 (2013-) / V40 II
Volvo V40 XC (2013-)
Volvo V50 (2004-2012)

platform P2:
Volvo S60 (2001-2009)
Volvo S80 (1999-2006)
Volvo V70 (2001-2007) / V70 II
Volvo XC70 (2001-2007) / XC70 II
Volvo XC90 (2003-2014)

platform P3:
Volvo S60 (2011-2018) / S60 II
Volvo S60 XC (2016-2018)
Volvo S80 (2007-2016) / S80 II
Volvo V60 (2011-2018)
Volvo V60 XC (2016-2018)
Volvo V70 (2008-2016) / V70 III
Volvo XC60 (2008-2017)
Volvo XC70 (2008-2016) / XC70 III

platforma SPA:
(Scalable Product Architecture)
Volvo S60 (2019-) / S60 III
Volvo V60 (2019-) / V60 II
Volvo V60 XC (2019-) / V60 II XC
Volvo S90 (2017-) / S90 II
Volvo V90 (2017-) / V90 II
Volvo V90 XC (2017-) / V90 II XC
Volvo XC40 (2018-)
Volvo XC60 (2018-) / XC60 II
Volvo XC90 (2016-) / XC90 II

I have original number...

If you have part number from catalog or from old spare part enter this number to search.
Your system have complete genuine spare parts price list. You will see product price and availability.
In case you did not find any part don't worry. This part was probably replaced by another one, we can handle this, just contact us.

I did not find what I was lookin for...

Please contact us, it is impossible to list are spare parts to our catalog. We using genuine parts catalog, we can find right parts for you.